"Wow, I literally just ate so much food, I feel sick"

"I'm disgusting, why do I do this?!" 

"I probably just gained so much weight"

"I'm just so obsessed with food, other girls wouldn't eat this much in one sitting"


Have you ever had these thoughts

after eating too much food?

Don't worry.. you're not alone. 

Not only do many (MANY) other girls get these thoughts after eating too much.. you're also not alone on eating too much in general, half the population tends to binge on food every now and then, but because you're more conscious of food/calories/health you tend to allow these thoughts to consume you and end up taking it on board so much more then an "average" person would.

We are not perfect, and let's face it.. foods AMAZING! if anything, you're completely normal. We eat too much food, that.is.okay.. but why is it so hard to move on? why is it SO HARD to stop criticising yourself and to just "get over it"

Well, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be, I posted a youtube video with how to FEEL good and not feed into your bad thoughts and bad habits after you have had a binge. go here to check it out.

I have created these steps in what I do the day after I've had a "binge"





1. STOP REFLECT < When I wake up, usually the first thing I want to do is move my body.. but I know that the first thing I need to do in order to not beat myself up for the rest of the day, is stop, reflect.. breathe. Firstly I embrace my thoughts, but practice to let them go, I sit up on my bed, breathe and stretch.


2. LEMON WATER! < yes, yes I know.. how original. But I promise, it helps! Warm water with 1/2 a lemon, not only will it help regulate your bowels but it aids with digestion and sets yourself up to create good habits and healthy choices for the rest of the day.


3. now.. MOVE YO BODY < Do the same type of movement you would normally do, yoga, walking, weights, an F45 class. Just because you ate a lot of food doesn't mean you need to spend hours doing cardio or smashing yourself in the gym, this step is super important to not set yourself up with a bad routine or unhealthy habit of trying to "make up" for the food you have eaten.


4. LISTEN TO YO BODY < Personally, Im usually super dehydrated after a binge, so the first thing I naturally want is water, then after a black coffee I will have a veggie juice or smoothie, something to hydrate me and satisfy me until i'm hungry for a proper meal.


5. NOURISH < Restricting yourself from food is THE WORST (!!) thing you can do after a binge, that will just prone you into binging again and create an unhealthy cycle towards restricting and over eating.


6. Most importantly..MOVE ON < It's over, move on. also make the steps into preventing binging from happening on a regular basis. ask yourself, are you eating enough through the week/day? are you restricting yourself from foods you love and crave? are you over exercising, stressed or using food as a form of comfort? find out the source of your 'binges' and work towards over coming them, be mindful and challeng yourself and your unhealthy 'habits'.