as a youtuber, I constantly get asked

"how do you have the confidence to vlog in the middle of the shopping centre or talk infront of the camera?

and I tell them the same thing I told my younger sister when she asked me for advice on her first day or high school.

'fake it, till you make it'

no one is born confident and no one is born with lack of confidence, you create it.people don't know you're shy until you let them. yes, I know a lot of you may say  "easier said then done" so... I have put together my 3 simple steps into creating confidence and "faking in until you make it"



challenge your fears

fears are only fears because we avoid them, if we challenge ourself with what we are afraid of, we grow from them. getting outside of your comfort zone is key to creating confidence.. I once had a friend who was afraid of speaking infront of a group of people, so he challenged himself and sang infront of a few hundred in a food court at a shopping mall. he is now one of the most confident and well spoken person I have meet, and has his own youtube channel.


be specific with your focus

instead of doing things to stop lacking confidence, 

start doing things to create confidence. if you're  forever focusing on what you are not, you will continue to be  the person you don't want to become. want to be confident? focus on being confident.  speak up in big groups, wear whatever you want to wear, start to record yourself talking on your phone. focus on things that will make you feel confident, 


surround yourself with people who make you feel like Beyonce

we have all had them relationships where that person makes you  lack self-esteem, says things that makes you feel uncomfortable and overall makes you feel weak.

create relationships where you thrive of each others growth, you motivate each other and make each other feel strong. surround yourself with people who love you and who thrive of your happiness and success.  remember, "your vibe is your tribe & your tribe if your vibe"