Find yo balance

Whatsup guys!

If you don’t know me and are new to the #CEEFAM, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Christie Lee Swadling, also known as CEE, Lil Chris or even #THEQUEENOFGUTHEALTH i’m a 22 year old health advocate, YouTuber & content creator. If you follow me on any of my platforms, you would see how passionate I am towards anything to do with design (whether that be my home decor, page layout, art works I create or within the videos I edit) fitness, health and nourishing your body and your GUT!

The importance of a healthy gut and nourishing your body is something I can’t stress enough. I have come from a past of battles and restrictive eating due to lack of knowledge towards true health & overall the fear of food due to the discomfort IBS and a damaged gut was causing me.


Is to spread the awareness of IBS, the importance of good gut health and to motivate and inspire other women to eat and live a healthy and active lifestyle and to overall find their balance #findyobalance